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About Us

In 1963 AMI ( Austin Metal Industry ) started by Mr. U. Austin perera at No 212, Mudiyansege Wattha, Dalugama, Kelaniya. AMI was the registerd and authorized party for calibrated weigh and scales manufacturing in Sri lanka under the department of calibration and methorldgy. In same time, they have been started the manufacturing of machinray parts, brass items and alluminum items.

later in 2012 sepetember, Mr. U.V.R.Isuru Nuwan who is the son of Mr. U. Austin perera started his caree with the same feild and registerd another company named "AMI Steel and Brass wholesale"

from 2021 onward, the company is moving to the recycling of all the metal waste types and sustanable buisness entity for their buisnes process.

In 2022, Not limited to the steel waste items, the company started the "Eco waste"project and it will help to find out the proper and sustanable, enevrimental frendly answer / soluction for the industrial waste items. 

Our waste Soluctions

We are providing the industry-leading Waste solutions you need.

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